Paul Alster

I hope all of you had as nice  of a New Year’s as we did.   We were lucky to be cruising on board Comet in the BVI’s with Jordi and Cristina and it was a truly relaxing, educational and fun week.   As I had been very concerned about who we would get for our captain and rather pressured in various emails and phone calls to Joann and Joan insisting on someone with very positive characteristics and interpersonal qualities, I wanted to be sure to extend this extra enthusiastic thanks to all of you for selecting Jordi Tort as our “instructional” skipper.

Making the change from my personal background of mono-hull sailing to being on board a 50’ cat for a week of first time multi-hull cruising with 10 family members (wife, + 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 4 grandchildren)  was already going to be a large challenge and given that we had previously had a negative “captain” experience in Greece with a chain smoking / beer swilling individual, it was a great relief to be greeted by Jordi and his sailing partner, Cristina.   We were immediately taken by their warm, friendly and engaging qualities as we climbed on board Comet to stow our gear and get settled in.

In short order we were ready to take off and despite the rain and cold we were excited to make our way to the Caves at Norman Island for our first landfall and snorkeling expedition.   I was intent on learning as much as possible in the one week cruise and Jordi was incredibly accommodating and gracious in his sharing of knowledge.   We quickly fell into a very smooth routine handling the boat and he was absolutely one of the more “enabling” skippers I have ever sailed with.   He gave me many opportunities to handle the boat, was respectfully nearby with advice and direction when needed, and appropriately distant and quiet when I was doing fine on my own.   Cristina was also enormously helpful and turned out to be a very seasoned sailor/advisor.   Aside from being great with the kids, fun for us adults to be around and converse with and in general, an all-around great participant in the cruise, she provided excellent and timely pointers about sail trim and boat handling technique and together, Jordi and Cristina were a very complimentary team.

With a good bit of sailing experience under my belt and a wide variety of cruising in close quarters,  sometimes with family and friends, sometimes with strangers and new acquaintances, I would have to say that it was a great pleasure to sail with Jordi and Cristina  and it turned out to be very enjoyable and easy to be with them on our family vacation.   They were attentive, experienced and competent sailors, engaging interpersonally when appropriate yet deeply respectful of our privacy as well.   Cristina also makes great desserts!

I would highly recommend them as a Captain/Crew team and would be happy to offer personal recommendations to any of your prospective charterers should the opportunity arise.


Paul S. Alter, AIA | Principal



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