Fam. Drennan

Hi Cristina & Jordi,
First of all a very big thank you to you both for making our sailing vacation such a fantastic one. You couldn’t have been more kind and fun. We all loved your company (and your delicious food). Cristina, you came up on your promise of turtles, and the snorkelling is out of this world. We really had a super time and I have filled in the Festiva questionaire with glowing compliments about you both! Thank you.
We are thinking of you, perhaps you are in George Town now? Very small isn’t it? And remember- Peace & Plenty restaurant is not as good as your food!!! (and that is the best place to eat in town) Of course things might have changed from the sleepy town that it once was. I remember having to return by boat at 1pm to collect the bread for lunch time as the bakery didn’t start baking until 9am so were still closed when we were wanting bread to go out for the day.
It’s really not very nice to be home! It’s grey and raining with a bitterley cold wind. The top temperature is 6 degrees celcius. Brrrrr!
Simon and Fran are luckily still in Antigua with temps of 38 degrees!
I know we would all love some of your recipes if you have time to write them. Lynnie loved the rum cake (as did we all!) and key lime pie. I especially loved the marinades that you used for the fish and steak and then there was the spinach with plantaines. Also there was a gorgeous rum and maple syrup sauce that I could have eaten on it’s own. Ummm food! We must go on diets now after all our indulging.
We would be very interested to hear from you and all your travels and especially your plans for your boat. Today is the day you might have sold it! We keep our fingers crossed for you.
Please keep in touch,

@nne  & Bob



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